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The Smiths' Art & Sound: The UK Discography (1983 - 1988)

The Smiths' Art & Sound: The UK Discography (1983 - 1988)

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 Print researched & designed with passion by Alejandro De Luna. Produced in small quantities and shipped from a small, independent business.

Are you obsessed with The Smiths or want to know more about one of the greatest British bands of all time? Do you collect the beautiful and colourful sleeves with those cryptic sleeves featuring a series of cover stars chosen by Morrissey?

I've been a Smiths fan for a long time. They're my favourite group. Like probably many of you, over the years I've accumulated a considerable collection of Smiths' records, CDs, cassettes, old magazines, tacky badges, posters, t-shirts, books, and more. 

This print gives you an in-depth and well-researched insight into The Smiths' UK discography. It compiles The Smiths' studio albums, UK singlescompilations, and Rank (the live album); key information on the cover stars; the UK release dates and chart numbers per release; key UK TV appearances, hidden UK vinyl matrix messages, and much more. Additionally, the sidebar also includes The Smiths' non-UK singles.

A unique print celebrates the visual art and sound of the legendary band fronted by Morrissey and Johnny Marr. If you are obsessed with The Smiths or want to discover more about the history, songs, and influences behind the Manchester band, this signed print is for you.

Hang it on your wall with pride.

"The essence of Smiths Art (MozArt) was the will to have every Smiths sleeve as well turned out as possible, and it came from an idea I had to take images that were the opposite of glamour and to pump enough heart and desire into them to show ordinariness as an instrument of power - or possible, glamour. Bits of neo-realism, bits of brutality, with the task being to present cheerless and cluttered bed-sitter art in a beautiful and proudly frank way (note: The World Won't Listen). Rules, in all things, are simply laid down so that someone might break them." - Morrissey 


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My name is Alejandro De Luna, I am the founder of The Sense of Doubt, a one-man print studio where I design music history and cultural heritage wall art.

I design well-researched and high-quality music history and pop culture wall art. The prints are produced in small quantities and they are researched, designed and signed by myself. All sales are directly fulfilled from my home studio.

Thanks for visiting and supporting my work.

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