My name is Alejandro De Luna, I am the founder of The Sense of Doubt, a one-man print studio where I design music history and cultural heritage wall art.

In 2010 I left my native Mexico City, married my German wife, travelled extensively and since then I've been living and working in Stockholm (Sweden), Hangzhou (China), London/Manchester (UK) for six years and where The Sense of Doubt started, and Berlin/Leipzig (Germany), where my print studio is currently based.

I find a huge amount of satisfaction in learning about different topics and in all the research involved, and in channelling that into a form that is visually pleasing, but also absorbing. I aim to create well-researched, high-quality prints full of information that attract immediate attention and become talking points for years to come. I like to think of these infographic prints as record sleeves or favourite books or films you can keep coming back to, finding some new detail to focus on. 

And so, like the music that has inspired me (Bowie, Dylan, The Stooges/Iggy,  The Fall, The Cramps, Elvis, The Smiths/Morrissey, Ian Dury, Patti Smith, The Specials, Nick Cave, Prince, The Velvets/Lou Reed, Nico, Tom Waits, The Beach Boys, The Stones, Phil Spector, Neil Young, Andres Calamaro, Neu!, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Leonard Cohen, T. Rex, Joy Division, New Order, James Brown, Roxy Music, Motown, etc), the prints you’ll find here are designed to both entertain and inform.

My prints are produced in small quantities and they are researched, designed and signed by myself. All sales are directly fulfilled from my home studio.

Since 2018, I've sold 6,000+ prints to satisfied print lovers and music fans worldwide. 

Thanks for visiting and supporting my work.

Alejandro De Luna
The Sense Of Doubt, ©2023

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