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David Bowie - Studio Albums & Singles

David Bowie - Studio Albums & Singles

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 Print researched & designed with passion by Alejandro De Luna. Produced in small quantities and shipped from a small, independent business.

This meticulously crafted art piece serves as a vivid homage to the legacy of David Bowie, capturing the transformative splendour of his musical career. It maps out his discography with a visually rich design, plotting his journey from the ‘Liza Jane’ single to the ‘No Plan’ EP, and from his self-titled debut to the avant-garde ‘Blackstar’.

Immerse yourself in Bowie's mesmerizing universe with this print, which stands as a testament to his musical metamorphosis. The thoughtful colour palette pays tribute, with each ring not only mirroring the hues associated with each album but also representing Bowie's influential collaborators such as Tony Visconti, Mick Ronson, and Brian Eno. The singles sidebar is intelligently colour-coded, making each album's identification intuitive and weaving an additional layer of connectivity into Bowie’s expansive oeuvre.

Far from being just an object of admiration for die-hard Bowie fans, this print resonates with any music aficionado who appreciates the transformative power of music. It's a perfect choice for those who wish to celebrate the spirit of Bowie's musical genius. Whether displayed as a statement piece in your living area, studio or as an inspiring addition to any music lover's space, it promises to spark conversations and guide you on a visual journey through the storied landscape of David Bowie’s musical contributions.


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Hi there, I'm Alejandro De Luna, welcome to The Sense of Doubt where my passion for music history, cultural heritage, and pop culture comes to life through my prints. Each order comes hand-signed and is carefully packaged, ensuring your artwork arrives in perfect condition, straight from my studio in Germany. I appreciate your interest in my work!

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