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David Bowie's Favourite Books

David Bowie's Favourite Books

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 Print researched & designed with passion by Alejandro De Luna. Produced in small quantities and shipped from a small, independent business.

Unlock the literary influences of the Thin White Duke with this unique infographic print, in a design that references Blackstar, Bowie’s last album.

This bold Bowie print takes you beyond music into the world of Lolita, A Clockwork Orange and Blast, the literary magazine of Wyndham Lewis’s Vorticist movement. Here you’ll find Orwell’s 1984 alongside more obscure, cryptic, and intriguing works of fiction, poetry, and philosophy.

"I'm a real self-educated kind of guy. I read voraciously. Every book I ever bought, I have. I can't throw it away. It's physically impossible to leave my hand! Some of them are in warehouses. I've got a library that I keep the ones I really really like." - David Bowie

Alongside his immense cultural significance as a musician and pop icon, David Bowie was also an avid reader. Books were another thing that he soaked up like a sponge in an endless quest for knowledge and inspiration. 

This print is a tribute to David Bowie’s huge thirst for knowledge. It includes his favourite novels, nonfiction books, poems, plays and comics. Whatever your interest, be it novels, the occult, or music, you’ll find plenty here to inspire you to explore further.


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Hi there, I'm Alejandro De Luna, welcome to The Sense of Doubt where my passion for music history, cultural heritage, and pop culture comes to life through my prints. Each order comes hand-signed and is carefully packaged, ensuring your artwork arrives in perfect condition, straight from my studio in Germany. I appreciate your interest in my work!

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