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Print designed & hand-signed by Alejandro De Luna

Joy Division - Songwriting History (1977 - 1980)

Joy Division - Songwriting History (1977 - 1980)

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 Print researched & designed with passion by Alejandro De Luna. Produced in small quantities and shipped from a small, independent business.
Delve into the heart of Joy Division's legacy with this exhaustive print that details every track ever recorded by the iconic Manchester ensemble. Essential for devotees of their haunting post-punk sound.

This definitive Joy Division print meticulously documents the band's entire songwriting journey, from the initial Warsaw sessions in 1977 to the seminal 'Ceremony' demo in 1980, which paved the way for New Order's genesis. It's a chronological map that includes the An Ideal For Living EP, the classic albums Unknown Pleasures and Closer, along with other EPs, singles, and B-sides.

But it's more than a discography; it's an archival treasure trove that encapsulates recording and release dates, Factory Records catalogue numbers, recording venues, and credits for artwork and production. It's a deep dive into the elements that crafted the band's unique sound and aesthetic.

The print also explores a different dimension of the band's essence—Ian Curtis's profound literary inspirations. Discover the books that shaped his lyrical vision, from the existential musings of Sartre's Nausea to the dark narratives of Gogol and Burroughs. It's not just a print; it's a curated library of the poetic and philosophical underpinnings that influenced one of music's most enigmatic figures.

Crafted with the fervour of a true Joy Division fanatic, this print is a homage to the legendary Manchester band. Adorn your wall and celebrate the legacy of this truly era-defining band.


Print featured on Peter Hook's Omega Signature Collection Auction

Back in 2019, I gave a copy of this print to Peter Hook, he liked it and praised the 'attention to detail.' In October 2021, Hooky exhibited and auctioned off hundreds of Joy Division and New Order artifacts and exclusive memorabilia from his private collection, including this Joy Division print. The print was sold for £320, with the proceeds going to UK charities."

Alejandro De Luna, The Sense of Doubt


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