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Print designed & hand-signed by Alejandro De Luna

The Beatles' Discography: A Visual Guide to Who Wrote and Sang the Songs

The Beatles' Discography: A Visual Guide to Who Wrote and Sang the Songs

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 Print researched & designed with passion by Alejandro De Luna. Produced in small quantities and shipped from a small, independent business.

Enhance your space with this meticulously curated Beatles anthology print—a comprehensive visual guide to the complete songwriting and vocal contributions of the iconic Fab Four. This elegant print, crafted with a nod to the seminal White Album's minimalist aesthetic, methodically presents the entire official Beatles discography from their groundbreaking years, 1962 to 1970.

The collection is exhaustive, encompassing every UK studio album, the 22 UK singles*, and the revered Long Tall Sally and Magical Mystery Tour EPs**, each chronologically arranged to reflect the band's evolution. But it's more than just a visual feast; an accompanying glossary demystifies the creative genius behind each song. You’ll traverse the musical landscape from Harrison's 'Taxman' to Lennon's 'Across The Universe', McCartney's 'Penny Lane', and even Starr's 'Don't Pass Me By', gaining insights into the legendary Lennon-McCartney partnership and the individual legacies of Harrison and Starr.

This piece is more than a print; it's a homage, a Beatles artefact for enthusiasts eager to celebrate, explore, and immerse themselves in the Beatles' storied journey.

*The inclusion of 'If I Fell/Tell Me Why'—an export-intended rarity that found its way into UK retailers—adds a layer of intrigue to this definitive collection, despite its unconventional status as a UK single.

**To maintain the sanctity of the official narrative, bootlegs, live recordings, and demos are purposefully omitted, ensuring the integrity of the discography's portrayal.


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