About Us

It began with the music, me forming a deep attachment to Manchester through its musical heritage.
Great pop music intrigues as much as it satisfies: it beckons you inside its world where it expresses information and ideas from the wider environment that it has absorbed.
When I was writing about music I realised that through it you could trace all sorts of currents of thought and art. While its primary focus was to entertain, it could also educate, and tell me something about the world it arose from, which birthed it.
I wanted to share this sense of discovery, and using infographic artwork, I found the right medium to do so.
And so, like the music that has inspired me, the prints and posters you’ll find here are designed to both entertain and inform.
They are my passion, and something I want to share with you.
I find a huge amount of satisfaction in all the research involved, and in channelling that into a form which is graphically pleasing, but also absorbing. These unique infographic posters are like record sleeves or favourite books you can keep coming back to, finding some new detail to focus on.
I hope they tell you something new, as well as give you a sense of the importance of a musical and cultural heritage – a window and a way in.
And maybe, once they’re on your wall, they’ll be a way of telling others something about you too, and your tastes and values.
Enjoy them.

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Alejandro De Luna
The Sense Of Doubt