Welcome to The Sense of Doubt

Welcome to The Sense of Doubt

My name is Alejandro De Luna, I am the one behind The Sense of Doubt, a one-man print studio where I design music history and cultural heritage wall art. My goal is to create well-researched, high-quality prints that attract immediate attention and that become talking points for years to come. I am deeply passionate about music history and this is reflected in my artworks. 

In 2010 I left my native Mexico City, travelled extensively and since then I've been living and working in Stockholm (Sweden), Hangzhou (China), London & Manchester (UK) and Berlin & Leipzig (Germany), where my print studio is currently based.

The prints are produced in small quantities and they are created and signed by myself. All sales are directly fulfilled from my home studio.

Thanks for visiting and supporting my work. 

Alejandro De Luna
The Sense Of Doubt, ©2022 

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Since 2018, I've sold 6,000+ prints to satisfied customers all over the world. This is what my customers think about my work: