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Hi there! I'm Alejandro De Luna, the founder of The Sense of Doubt, a small print studio that's all about making interesting wall art inspired by music, pop culture and history.

Just a bit about me: I left my home in Mexico City in 2010, got married to my beautiful German wife, and then went on a big adventure. Since then, I've lived and worked in some inspiring places like Stockholm (Sweden), Hangzhou (China), London/Manchester (UK) and Berlin/Leipzig (Germany), where I currently have my studio and design my prints. 

I truly enjoy learning about different things and doing research. Then, I use what I learn to make wall art that stands out and tells interesting stories. My goal is to create prints that catch your eye and make you want to talk about them for a long time. It's like having a favorite book or movie that you can keep coming back to and always find something new.

My wall art is made in small print runs, and I do all the work myself, from research to design. When you buy something, it comes straight from my little home studio.

Thanks for visiting and supporting my work!

Alejandro De Luna
The Sense Of Doubt, ©2023
Leipzig, Germany


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