★★★★★ Brilliant quality and fast postal service! - Ian C.

★★★★★ Nice artwork and a great idea. Thank you very much! - Martin B.

★★★★★  I bought this for my daughter, a true manc, I just felt that she would enjoy it as much as I would and I wasn’t disappointed, she loved it, I couldn’t be more pleased. - William W.

★★★★★  Such a great print for a great city. - Sean K.

★★★★★ An exceptional good print! Looks ace on the wall! Brilliant quality and fast postal service! - Ian C.

★★★★★  As an adopted Mancunian myself, this particular print was bang on! - Adrian W. 


The Sense Of Doubt captures and expresses cultural connections through unique infographic prints and evocative wall art – wall art that reveals unexpected associations and joins the dots between pop, art, music, literature and the world we live in



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