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Dirty Old Town

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I met my love by the gasworks croft*/ Dreamed a dream by the old canal/ I kissed my girl by the factory wall/ Dirty old town/ Dirty old town

This print celebrates Greater Manchester (map shown on the poster), The North and all those dirty and inspiring old towns in Britain and beyond. 

Made popular by the likes of The Dubliners and specially The Pogues, 'Dirty Old Town' was written by Ewan MacColl in 1949 and inspired by the rough life conditions in Salford (spotted on the poster) during those years. The song is an absolute classic crafted by post-industrial melancholia, struggle and life in The North. 

With all its contrasts and cruel weather conditions, we celebrate Salford, Greater Manchester and The North—an inspiring place and one of the greatest cultural spots in the world.

"The North is both our glory and our problem. It is the land that gave birth to all the clichés – dark, grim, cobbled and the rest of it – because in its heyday they were true. No part of England has had a stronger character, and you do not part with that sort of reputation easily. Huge mills, smoking chimneys, mass workforces; they were all there and sometimes you think, despairingly, that they will cling on indelibly for ever." - The True North, Martin Wainwright, 2009

- 42 x 59.4 CM [16.5 x 23.4 IN] POSTER

*Dirty Old Town originally did not contain 'gasworks wall' as sung by The Pogues' Shane MacGowan and many others.