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The Soundtrack of Your Life: Custom Album Print

The Soundtrack of Your Life: Custom Album Print

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Limited commission slots are now available on a first-come, first-served basis.
How to Order?
Option 1: Add your list of nine favourite albums in the order field above the 'Add to Cart' button.
Option 2: If you are not yet ready but want to reserve your slot, you can place your order first and send your list once you are ready to: or here.
Please Provide:
  1. Band or artist names.
  2. Album names.
*Optional: If you would like to add a short title to your print, such as "My Favourite Records", please let me know.
That’s it! I will take care of the release date, record label, and colour of the rings for each record.
Do you have specific requests?
Get in touch: or here.
Delivery Times
10 - 20 working days for UK/EU estimated delivery after submitting your list. Please note that these are delivery estimates as it depends on the courier. A tracking number will be provided once your order is shipped.
Terms & Conditions
Prices are subject to change due to demand and availability. Returns of commissioned work are not accepted.
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