Manchester Firsts - Legacy of the first modern city POSTER
Manchester Firsts - Legacy of the first modern city poster
Manchester Firsts - Legacy of the first modern city poster
Manchester Firsts - Legacy of the first modern city poster

Manchester: Legacy of the World's First Modern City [Light Grey Edition]

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42 x 59.4 cm // 135GSM Silk Coated Paper // Designed in Manchester, UK // Worldwide Shipping

There is no other place like Manchester. This is the first modern city in the world and one of the greatest places on earth.

A dark grey version will soon be available. Pre-order here.

For those thinking that we are just messing around, this print goes into the facts and chronologically organises Manchester’s colossal legacy, key events and inventions from the year 1653 to present days. 

Did you know that Manchester has the oldest free public library in the English speaking world? Did you that it is the birthplace of British heroes like Anthony Burgess and Emmeline Pankhurst? What about the first programmable computer? The industrial revolution? The city where Karl Marx and Engels started working on the Communist Manifesto? The modern atomic theory? The first professional football league? The place where vegetarianism started more than 200 years ago? Did you know that Manchester University has 25 Nobel laureates? These are just some of the highlights in this poster.

Manchester (and Salford, its sister city) has it all. It is a pioneer city where things happen. A place of "less talk, more action". A place of contrasts where struggle and a forward-thinking mentality enhance debate, creativity and ideas. A place known for its industrial past, rich culture, wild nightlife, incredible music, warm people, sense of community, working-class heritage, humour, sophistication and DIY spirit, but also for being a front-runner in science, technology, art, football, literature, medicine, music, social movementspop culture and many other areas. 

This is a special print for those who love and want to learn more about this inspiring and influential city. From Manchester's industrial past to the legendary Sex Pistols' gig and much more. Hang this poster on your wall with pride.